Like many not-for-profit associations, The New York State Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America has long relied on, and been extremely appreciative of the support given by community members, businesses, and corporations.


The financial investment made in our chapter is directly used to support…


Education & Scholarship for Association Members and Students;

·         Bringing national accredited speakers to the local chapter providing association members with instruction on best practices and skills for professional club management.

·         Providing scholarship to Hospitality and Club Management Students to further their education and ultimately contribute to the industry

·         Providing Scholarship to Club Managers participating in national Business Management Institutes and Professional Conferences.


Charity & Community

·         Each year our chapter contributes thousands of dollars and many hours to local and regional charities and community groups.


Peer Recognition:

·         The “Rich Reagan Club Manager of the Year” award is presented annually to an outstanding Club Management Professional from the New York and Central New York Chapters of the CMAA.





Contact Number


 Banking & Financial Resources
 Club Benchmarking
 M&T Bank
 Mengel Metzger Barr
 Construction & Utilities
 Faery's Golf and Landscape
 Frey Electric    (716)874-1710
 Messner Flooring
 The Pike Company    (585)271-5256
 Power Management    (585)248-1360
 Tambe Electric    (585)924-8700
 Blue Apple    (585)388-5500
 Ellco Entertainment    (585)739-2488
 Jimmy C's Music Machine    (585)338-3132
 KidzPlay    (716)741-1500
 Me & The Boys    (585)210-2699
 Turner Music    (585)663-3948
 Young Explosives    (585)344-1783
 Food & Beverage Companies
 Certo Brothers
 JFS    (585)235-7660
 Maplevale Farms    (716)355-4114
 Matnik Supply
 Steve Connolly Seafood    (800)225-5595
 Try-It Distributing    (716)651-3551
 Insurance & Human Resources
 Brown and Brown    (585)232-4424
 ComputerSearch Payroll    (716)689-0511
 Lawley Executive Benefits    (716)849-1517
 Titan Insurance    (585)270-5761
 USA Payroll    (585)427-2010
 Misc. Services
 Alan Achatz    (716)565-9122
 Buffalo Hotel Supply    Roc:(800)836-8001
 Casual Furniture Solutions    (585)694-4343
 Cigar Hut    (585)671-3170
 David Meyers and Associates    (847)705-6700
 Fiorvanti Florists    (585)482-1001
 FORE Supply
 Hank Parker    Roc:(585)586-0901
 Hansen+Hill Interiors    (585)737-2480
 Harbor Linen    (800)257-7858
 Jonas    (888)789-9073
 King Petroleum
 McCarthy Tents & Events    (585)321-1000
 Premier Parking, LLC    (585)381-5887  
 Regional Distributors, Inc.      
 Super Seal    (585)248-5770
 Printing Solutions
 Colonial Business Systems
 ComDoc    (716)932-9440
 Cooley Brands
 Security Systems
 Casco Security
 Doyle Security

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