* Membership in CMAA is simultaneous with National and Local Chapter
* Every candidate must attend One (1) regular business meeting by invitation before an
   application is extended.
* Application must be submitted to the Chapter for approval prior to forwarding to National.

DUES STRUCTURE FOR THE 2017 FISCAL YEAR                          

(effective November 1, 2015):

National Association Dues
 Active and Provisional Members
 1st Member from club
 $ 850
 2nd Member from same club
 $ 850
 3rd Member from same club
 $ 650
 New and Re-instated Members
 1st Year
 $ 500
 2nd Year
 $ 650
 3rd Year
 Prevailing Dues Rate
 Faculty Members
 $ 100
 Retired Members
 $ 75
 Student Members
 $ 50
 Surviving Spouse Members
 $ 25

 Local Chapter Dues

 1st Member from club
 $ 250
 2nd Member from same club
 $ 250
 3rd Member or more from same club
 $ 180
 *Administrative Fee - one time fee
 $ 35
 Friend of the Chapter
 $ 150
 (Active CMAA Members who are not primarily a member of the NYS Chapter)

Food & Beverage at Local NYS Chapter Meetings is included in annual dues.


* The Administrative Fee is paid only once, when an individual first joins the Association. Upon application, this fee does not apply to Faculty, Student or Surviving Spouse membership classifications; applications from Student to Provisional/Alumnus status are exempt from the administrative fee as well.


** Associate membership is offered only to Active and Provisional members who have left the club management field, or those who are no longer eligible for Continuation status and are unemployed.


NOTE: 96% of all clubs pay their managers' annual dues for CMAA membership.

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