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Clubs that make up our association are of many types and sizes: Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, City Clubs, Social Clubs,Yacht Clubs, Launch Clubs, Tennis & Squash Clubs, to name the most likely.  Each has a special character and place in the community they are fixed and significance to the members they serve.  In addition to being typically long standing establishments supporting the community through school, town, and county tax with their substantial facilities, Clubs are a unique location of employment for the immediate area.  Many members of Clubs are community leaders, business owners, executives or otherwise notable.  Cumulatively, an impressive amount of money is raised annually for national and local charities by tournaments and other events sponsored by club member's, club professionals, and held in the Club venues. 


Member Club Facts and Figures (Nationally)

    Club Type

        80 percent of CMAA members’ clubs are golf and country clubs.

        11 percent of CMAA members’ clubs are city clubs.

        4 percent of CMAA members’ clubs are yacht clubs.

        65 percent of CMAA members’ clubs are IRS classified tax-exempt 501(c)(7) organizations.

    Club Income 

        Gross revenues equaled $14 billion for all clubs in 2006.

        Food and beverage revenues equal $4.5 billion.

        The average club income is $5.18 million.

    Club Employees

        Clubs employ more than 289,821 employees.

        Club payrolls equal just over $4 billion.

        Club Outreach Programs Clubs raised $367 million for charities in 2006.

        In 2006, clubs raised a total of $6.4 million in student scholarships.

        Most of CMAA’s 50 chapters sponsor scholarship funds.

    Economic Impact of Clubs

        The average club spends $1.05 million in the local community.

        The average club spends $1.2 million within the state as a whole.

        Overall, club operations generate $6.21 billion for state economies around the country.

        A typical club pays $150,773 in property taxes. 

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